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by Isaac Asimov

Foundation Resources


Home Sweet Digital Home

A website with all the Asimov you could want, and then, for fun, just a little more Asimov.

How It All Went Down

A guy named Johnny Pez actually took the time to find every short story and novel in Asimov's gigantic meta-series. Then he put them in chronological order. Warning: only the brave and crazy should venture forth.

His Head in the Stars

The Science Channel produced a series called "The Prophets of Science Fiction." Care to guess who received the honor? Yep, Isaac Asimov.

Keeping the Future Alive

Named after the one, the only, Isaac Asimov, Asimov's Science Fiction continues to publish the best science fiction to this day.

Movie or TV Productions

Psychohistory Meets Hollywood

Foundation becomes a film, and the fanboys rejoiced.

Articles and Interviews

The Polish Interview

Sounds like a devastating wrestling move, but it's not. Asimov was just nice enough to give an interview to one of his Polish fans.

Blog Those Hugos

io9's series "Blogging the Hugos" finally reaches Foundation. To celebrate, they discuss not one, not two, but all three novels in the trilogy.

Imperial Battle

A critic at the New Yorker compares Asimov's Galactic Empire to George Lucas's. In Round 1, Lucas goes down on a TKO.

Six Degrees of Separation

Only, we imagine no degrees would be better. In this Guardian article, Giles Foden suggests a possible connect between Asimov's Foundation and the forming of al-Qaida. You'll have to read it to find out more.

Psycho Bunk?

An essay suggesting that psychohistory might be Seldon's grand April Fool's joke.


Gold in Dem Der Stories

Asimov discusses the birth of the Golden Age of science fiction.

It's a Small World After All—Part One

Unless it's Bill Moyer's World of Ideas. Some big stuff brews in there. Here's his interview with a pair of mutton chops named Asimov. Here's Part Two.

Ah, the 80s - Part One

Remember the 80s? When we thought the world of the robots was right around the corner? This Asimov interview from the 80s takes place in the 80s. Guess what they talk about? (Links to the other parts are in the sidebar.)


In the Days Before Television

There was radio, and the radio drama ruled the airways. Here, you'll find Foundation done to the tune of a radio drama, complete with old-timey sound fxs.


Bow Tie?

A young Isaac Asimov. Even in his youth, the man wore a bow tie.

Demi God

An artist rendition of Asimov looking rather, um, godly.

Mutton Chops

Old man Asimov straight up rocking the mutton chops and bolo tie.

The (Fictional) Man Himself

Hari Seldon managing to look regal in a wheelchair and blanket.

Cubist Covers

The Foundation trilogy meets cubism for these spectacular covers.


Seldon's projective persona adorns this contemporary cover.

Demi God

An older cover sporting an epic mountain range.

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