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by Isaac Asimov

Salvor Hardin Timeline and Summary

  • Hardin is first mayor of the Foundation. Wonder what dollar bill they'll slap his face on?
  • Although he wants to defend the Foundation against possible attacks from the Periphery planets, his efforts are constantly blocked by Lewis Pirenne and the Board of Trustees.
  • Hardin meets with Anselm haut Rodric and Lord Dorwin. Both meetings convince Hardin that the Foundation is on its own. The days of imperial power in the galaxy have gone the way of cassette tapes and dial-up modems.
  • Hardin and Yohan Lee go all coup d'état and take over the government.
  • Hardin is present for Hari Seldon's prerecorded message. Seldon basically says Hardin was right the whole time.
  • Thirty years later, Hardin remains mayor and faces yet another Seldon Crisis. Guy just can't catch a break.
  • This time, Anacreon wants to go to straight up war and a party called the Actionist Party wants to take power from him.
  • Hardin meets with his friend, High Priest of Anacreon, Poly Verisof to begin his plan.
  • Hardin visits Anacreon to confront Prince Regent Wienis.
  • There, he tells Wienis that he has complete control of the priests and technology of Anacreon. So what? Well, that also means Hardin controls the people of Anacreon as well.
  • Wienis kills himself attacking Hardin, and Hardin convinces King Lepold to sign a treaty.
  • Hardin returns to the Foundation a hero. After hearing another prerecorded message from Seldon, Hardin is told, once again, that he did the right thing.