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by Isaac Asimov

Foundation Society and Class Quotes

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Quote #4

"A strange world! You have no peasantry?" […] Hardin replied casually, "No—nor nobility." (II.2.10-11)

Different strokes for different folks. The Foundation is egalitarian, meaning everyone plays on the same field (basically). In Anacreon, some are on top and some are on the bottom. Oh, and one produces technology and peace; the other, barbarism and war. Which one would you pick?

Quote #5

Hardin broke in: "Not at all. [Haut Rodric]'s merely the product of his environment. He doesn't understand much except that 'I have a gun and you haven't.'" (II.2.87)

Different societies also create different types of people. Anacreon promotes war as a grand, socially acceptable way to pass the time. So, their people turn to violence more than others. It's not exactly rocket science (mostly because it's social science).

Quote #6

There was no doubt that [Sermak's] remarks were the reflection of a pretty huge segment of the population, pretty huge. (III.1.52)

Societies tend to get the politicians they deserve. So, when Hardin has to deal with Sermak and his policies, he also has to consider that he's dealing with the population in general. Yeah, C-SPAN becomes a little more interesting when you consider that. Not much more interesting, mind you, but a little.

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