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by Isaac Asimov
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Foundation Society and Class Quotes Page 3

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Quote #7

"[...] you are king by divine right—and are semi-divine yourself. Very handy. It eliminates all possibilities of revolts and insures absolute obedience in everything." (III.3.74)

It's good to be the King (but maybe not so good to be a subject). This is a difference between Anacreon and the Foundation: the Foundation's leaders need to consider the population when making a decision. Yay, democracy! On Anacreon, it's the population that has to consider Lepold.

Quote #8

Hardin looked up coolly. "Order them yourself, Wienis, and see who is playing with forces too great for whom. Right now, there's not a wheel turning in Anacreon. There's not a light burning, except in the temples. There's not a drop of water running, expect in the temples. […] If you don't like it, Wienis, you can order the priests back to their jobs. I don't wish to." (III.6.86)

Hm, maybe the King should listen a little more. The King maybe divinely ordained by God, but he isn't God. He still needs electricity.

Quote #9

"My people will not take commerce which carries with it a compulsory religion." (V.5.14)

Different societies have different rules, so what works for one society won't work for another. Mallow can't trade with Korell because they won't accept the Foundation's religion. Lucky for Mallow, he's smart enough to figure out a workaround.

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