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by Isaac Asimov

Foundation Violence Quotes

How we cite our quotes: (Part.Chapter.Paragraph)

Quote #4

"Certainly. That was the time to begin all-out preparations for war."

"On the contrary. That was the time to begin all-out prevention of war. I played [one kingdom] against the other." (III.1.65-66)

All-out war is inevitable, so it's time…not to prepare for war, but to prevent it? It sounds so backward, and yet so not backward at the same time. Hm. This must be what they call good writing.

Quote #5

Lepold grew excited. "Space, yes. You're absolutely right, you know. We must strike first. It's simply self-defense." (III.3.49)

To strike first is self-defense? Now that just sounds backward—almost as if he's trying to justify violence against another country? But that's just silly. It doesn't make any sense unless…oh.

Quote #6

"I wouldn't say that. We repaired the Imperial cruiser for you, though my board of navigation wished it for themselves for research purposes." [Wienis] repeated the last words ironically. "Research purposes! Yes! Yet you would not have repaired it, had I not threatened war." (III.6.25-26)

Violence breeds a violent outlook on the world. Take Wienis. He only knows war, so he only sees war. This renders him utterly blind to Hardin's true intention and strategy because it has nothing to do with war.

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