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by Isaac Asimov

Foundation Violence Quotes

How we cite our quotes: (Part.Chapter.Paragraph)

Quote #7

And, with a yell of despair, Wienis changed his aim and shot again—and toppled to the floor with his head blown into nothingness.

Hardin winced at the sight and muttered, "A man of 'direct action' to the end. The last refuge!" (III.8.21-22)

Violence has a tendency to backfire on the violent. In this case, the backfire is literal, not to mention deadly. And probably messy.

Quote #8

"Maybe! And maybe the idea was to have us go all chivalrous and gallant, into a stupid defense of the [missionary]. He was here against the laws of Korell and the Foundation. If I withhold him, it is an act of war against Korell, and the Foundation would have no legal right to defend us." (V.4.92)

Mallow had let the missionary die, which seems like an act of violence—but Mallow is the hero of "The Merchant Prince." But isn't violence supposed to be bad in Foundation? Yes, but that's what makes Foundation complex and interesting rather than preachy. Also, the missionary was a fraud in the end, so there's that.

Quote #9

"He wanted the glory of conquering a rebellious province and his men wanted the loot such conquest would involve. So while the people were still gathered in every large city, cheering the Emperor and his admiral, he occupied all armed centers, and then ordered the population put to the nuclear blast." (V.10.46)

When men are glorified for committing violent acts, surprise! Sometimes they commit unnecessary violent acts—all for the sake of glory. In Foundation, most of the violent characters seek some form of glory, and this guy—a rebel admiral—got away with it.

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