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Fox in Socks

Fox in Socks

by Dr. Seuss
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Fox in Socks Cunning and Cleverness Quotes Page 1

How we cite the quotes(Stanza.Line)
Quote #1

Then I'll make aquick trick block stack.[…]You can make aquick trick chick stack. (8.3-4, 9.1-2)

Fox decides to begin showing off. Notice how the smile on Knox's face disappears in the illustration accompanying these lines.

Quote #2

Here's an easygame to play.Here's an easything to say… (15.1-4)

But what follows isn't easy. You said it'd be easy, Mr. Fox. Why would you say that if… oh. You're kind of a jerk, dude.

Quote #3

Well then…bring your mouth this way.I'll find it somethingit can say. (37.1-4)

Wow, that's one snarky fox. Of course, just like before, what follows is not exactly "Tongue Twisters for Dummies."