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Fox in Socks

Fox in Socks

by Dr. Seuss
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Fox in Socks Language and Communication Quotes Page 2

How we cite the quotes(Stanza.Line)
Quote #1

Luke Luck likes lakes.Luke's duck likes lakes.Luke Luck licks lakes.Luke's duck licks lakes. (38.1-4)

Rhyme + Alliteration + Poetic meter = Insanely difficult to read aloud.

Quote #2

THIS is what they call…… a tweetle beetlenoodle poodle bottledpaddled muddled duddledfuddled wuddledfox in socks, sir! (56.7 & 57.1-5)

The final tongue twister in the book shows language at its most fun and zany. Good luck to you; you'll need it.