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Fox in Socks

Fox in Socks


by Dr. Seuss

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Animation Domination

The online home of all things Dr. Seuss. Fully animated with some pretty fancy flash going on. Get click happy; there's a lot to do here.


Very few people have their own dictionary. Noah Webster had one, and so did Samuel Johnson. Now, so does Dr. Seuss.

A Life Lived

Check out this short biography of Dr. Seuss to go along with his national monument. That's right, national monument.

Speech Bubbles

Put your own words in many a Seuss characters' mouth, including one Fox in Socks.

Better Letters

The ABCs of Dr. Seuss. Guess which letter Fox is honored with? Go on, guess.

Movies or TV Productions

Due to a Technicality

The Hoober-Bloob Highway isn't technically the animated version of Fox in Socks. But it does contain the only animated content from the book thanks to a guest appearance by the tweetle beetles (Fox and Knox had other contractual obligations).

Historical Documents

Rave Review

Suspense author Lisa Gardner gives Fox in Socks a killer review. Ha! Get it?

ID Required

A review aimed at discussing what parents need to know. This review is specifically about the app version of the book because we're officially living in the future.


Ballistic Beetles

For those of us who lack patience, enjoy the tweetle beetles section of The Hoober-Bloob Highway.

From Your Local Library, Son

What do beat-boxing and Dr. Seuss have in common? Not much. That is until these guys decided to rap Fox in Socks.

Rappin' the Socks

Another rap of Fox in Socks? Is this becoming a meme? More to the point, why do we miss all the good fads?


Fox, Socks, and Friends

Dr. Seuss Presents… features Marty Gold reading a ton of your favorite Seuss books, including one about a sly, tongue-tangling fox.

Speed Racer

Check out this girl as she speed reads Fox in Socks. Um, we'll have to take her word for it because it's too fast for us.

Musical Accompaniment

Minus the obvious age of the recording, this is one of the best readings of Fox in Socks. The musical accompaniment makes all the difference. In fact, we hereby swear to never read Dr. Seuss again without full orchestral background.

OMG! Cute!

Kindergartener Emma reads Fox in Socks like a pro, and her grandmother uploaded it to YouTube.


The Classics Never Get Old

The book cover you loved as a child, and your child will love with you.

Man of the Hour

Anthropomorphic fox of the hour, at any rate. Here's Fox in his patented blue socks.

The Actual Man of the Hour

Dr. Seuss himself reads some of his most beloved classics.


Dr. Seuss holding his own creation? Wonder how weird that feels.

You've Got Mail

Why does Fox look so jubilant? Because he's on a postage stamp, and that's how you know you've made it to the top.

Oh, Christmas Tree

How pretty are your foxes? Fox in socks enjoys a special place on the family Christmas tree thanks to the Hallmark ornament collection.

Ticks and Tocks

Fox and Knox have a conversation about ticks and tocks. A rather uncomfortable conversation by the looks of it.

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