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Fox in Socks

Fox in Socks


by Dr. Seuss

Fox in Socks Stanzas 1-10 Summary

  1. We have a fox, some socks, a box, and Knox—a dog, we're guessing. With that, let the games begin! 
  2. Fox wears the socks, and Knox hops in the box. Then Knox jumps onto Fox, who's in the socks as well as the box. The seeming rules of the game: Rule 1, all situations must rhyme; Rule 2, there are no rules, except for Rule 1, of course.
  3. Remix! Knox puts socks on his feet and the box on his head. Fox balances on the box on Knox while also wearing socks.
  4. "Chicks with bricks and / blocks and clocks" arrive bearing—you guessed it—bricks and blocks and clocks.
  5. Fox decides it would be great fun to do tricks with those chicks and their stuff. So, he makes a rather precarious stack of bricks and blocks for himself. Knox gets a stack of chicks and a stack of clocks to rest his box on.
  6. Fox goes all out, putting the chicks in socks and stacking them on himself, clocks, bricks, blocks, Knox, and the box. Cirque du Soleil, eat your heart out.

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