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Fox in Socks

Fox in Socks


by Dr. Seuss

Fox in Socks Stanzas 45-58 Summary

  • Speaking of being pushy, Fox requests a conversation about tweetle beetles or, if you want to use their scientific name, tweetalius coleopteran.
  • Fox asks what Knox knows about tweetle beetles. Not bothering to wait for a response, Fox informs his friend that when "tweetle beetles fight, / it's called / a tweetle beetle battle" (48.1-3). That seems logical.
  • And when they battle in a puddle? A tweetle beetle puddle battle of course. 
  • What about when they battle with paddles? Did you guess tweetle beetle puddle paddle battle? If so, then you have pattern recognition skills. Kudos.
  • And when they have these paddle battles in a bottle, they call it "a tweetle beetle / bottle puddle / paddle battle muddle" (52.2-4). Deep breath… AND…
  • When the bottle is on a noodle-eating poodle? They call this a really bad idea. Just kidding, it's a "muddle puddle / tweetle poodle / beetle noodle / bottle paddle battle" (54.2-5). AND…
  • Knox has had enough.
  • Knox shoves Fox in the bottle and informs his friend that when a fox is in the bottle on the noodle-eating poodle with the tweetle beetles battling this is called "tweetle beetle / noodle poodle bottled / paddled muddled duddled / fuddled wuddled / fox in socks, sir!" (57.1-5). Boom! Has your mind just been blown?
  • Knox thanks a confused Fox for the game and all the fun. He walks away the winner. We assume, anyway. Remember: no rules.

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