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Fox in Socks
Fox in Socks
by Dr. Seuss

What’s Up With the Title?

Pretty simple stuff here: Fox in Socks. Fox narrates most of the book's tongue-tangling games and he's the star, so he gets top billing. Plus, he wears adorable blue socks, so why wouldn't you want him and his name on the cover? Sorry, Knox.

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Fox and Socks also gives the reader a taste of what's to come—but just a little taste. The rhyme between fox and socks is nowhere near as twisted and crazy as the tweetle beetle battles found inside the book. And while the idea of a fox wearing socks is whimsical, it lacks the imaginative ka-boom of the goo-goose and the pig bands that will reveal themselves.

Still, the title gives your intrigue a gentle nudge toward picking the book up, exactly like a good title should.

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