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Fractions & Decimals

Fractions & Decimals

At a Glance - Decimals Word Problems

In the real world, you will see decimals most often in situations involving money. Pretty much every price tag has a decimal. Let's take a look.

Example 1

You need to put some gas in your car. Regular gasoline is $3.26/gallon. You only have a $20 bill on you. How many gallons can you buy?

Example 2

At Bonita’s Breakfast Emporium, a small latte is $2.50 and a bagel with cream cheese is $2.35 (including tax). If you give the clerk $5 to buy both, how much change will you receive?

Exercise 1

A 12-pack of ShmooHoo costs $10.50. What is the unit price (or price per bottle)?

Exercise 2

You need to buy 5 notebooks that cost $0.85 each. How much will this cost?

Exercise 3

If you buy two movie tickets at $8.75 each, what will your change be from $20?

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