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Fractions & Decimals

Fractions & Decimals

Fractions & Decimals: To the Power of Awesome True or False

1. Simplify .0.5
2. Simplify .4.5
3. Simplify .12.25
4. Add the shaded areas.

5. Simplify .
6. Oooooh, the Krispy Kreme "hot" light is on! You buy a dozen donuts for $7.50 and then stop at Starbucks to get three lattes for $8.85. You are splitting this treat with two friends. How much do you each owe?$16.35
7. Simplify .
8. Subtract the shaded areas.

9. You are master procrastinator. Quite easily, you can waste  of an hour on Facebook,  of an hour chatting with friends, and  of an hour on iTunes. How many minutes (of that precious hour) are left to do homework?13 minutes
10. What is the product of seven hundred thirty-four and five hundredths, and fifty-six and one-tenth?41180.205