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The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber

The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber


by Ernest Hemingway

Francis Macomber Timeline and Summary

  • The Macombers are drinking gimlets with Wilson, and Macomber can't drop the subject of his failure to go after a lion he was hunting.
  • To make up for his cowardice, Wilson and Macomber make plans to shoot a buffalo the next day.
  • Later that afternoon, Wilson and Macomber go out to shoot impala; Macomber has some success.
  • That night after dinner Macomber goes over the events of the day. Lying alone in his tent, he thinks of how disgusted his wife is with him.
  • Hey, now that we think of it, where is his wife? She's gone until 3am, when she returns to their tent having been with Wilson.
  • At breakfast in the morning, the Macombers and Wilson discuss the day's hunt.
  • They all set off to hunt buffalo.
  • Macomber hits some buffalo but must finish the job. He feels untold joy. His hunting success has made him a changed man.
  • But then, as he shoots the charging buffalo to finish the beast off, Margot finishes him off instead, shooting her husband from the back of the nearby car.