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by Mary Shelley

Frankenstein Chapter 2 Summary

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  • Unlike Walton, Victor has friends. Two of them. Or at least, he did during his childhood. First, there's Elizabeth. Victor also has a friend named Henry Clerval.
  • Victor describes his idyllic childhood, which is a cue for us to begin use of the historical present.
  • As a brooding teenager, Victor develops an interest in science. Especially interesting to him is the old, not to mention discredited, field of alchemy. He's especially into some guy named Albertus Magnus.
  • This is like some kid getting into music and really liking old ragtime records from the 1900s.
  • Wait, scratch that, some hipster is probably starting a ragtime tumblr right now.
  • Victor realizes that science is very powerful, but possibly also destructive, when he sees a tree get struck by lightning. Hmm!
READ THE BOOK: Chapter 2

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