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by Mary Shelley

The Monster Timeline and Summary

  • The monster is created by Victor Frankenstein.
  • He tries to connect with people, but even his own creator runs away from him in fear because he is so ugly.
  • Victor leaves him alone in his apartment after he wakes up to see the monster smiling at him.
  • The monster goes into a house, but the people drive him away.
  • He enters a village and a similar thing happens.
  • He hides in the hovel outside the house of a group of peasants of whom he grows fond. He lives there through the winter and into the spring.
  • He watches them, stealing food from them at first until he realizes they are poor.
  • After that, he gathers food in the woods, as well as firewood for the family. He does other chores, too.
  • He sees his reflection in water and realizes how ugly he is, and it makes him sad.
  • He watches them, learning to speak and read from them.
  • He finds books in the woods, including Paradise Lost, and reads them, along with journal entries found in the pockets of Victor’s clothing.
  • He learns of Victor’s horror at seeing him and his monstrous nature. He despairs.
  • One day, when the young people are gone, he tries to talk to the blind old peasant in hopes of forming some sort of social connection.
  • The old man is kind to him, but then the younger people return and drive him away.
  • With no more hope in the goodness of humanity, the monster goes off in search of Victor.
  • On the way through the woods, he saves a little girl from drowning, but her male companion assumes the monster is attacking her and shoots him in the shoulder.
  • He nurses his wound for weeks before making his way to Geneva.
  • He sees a boy outside Geneva in the woods who mocks him for being ugly.
  • The monster wasn’t intending to hurt him, but the boy reveals himself to be William Frankenstein, and the monster, filled with rage at his creator’s indifference, kills the boy.
  • He plants a picture on Justine to frame her for the murder.
  • He sees Victor in the mountains and invites him to a cave to talk by his fire.
  • He tells Victor about the peasants and how alone he is, as well as confessing to murdering William out of anger.
  • He asks Victor to create him an equally ugly female companion, promising to take her to South America away from the rest of the world.
  • Finally, he persuades Victor to make the she-monster.
  • He tells Victor that he will know when she is done because he will be monitoring his progress.
  • He follows Victor for the two years he travels in England and Scotland while working on the companion.
  • He is looking in the window at Victor the night he destroys the companion after having second thoughts.
  • He vows to be with Victor on his wedding night and swears revenge.
  • The monster kills Henry.
  • The monster shows up and kills Elizabeth on the big wedding night.
  • He leads Victor around in a final chase lasting for months, leaving clues and trails so that Victor can follow him but never catch him.
  • He weeps over Victor’s dead body aboard Captain Walton’s ship, and tells Captain Walton about himself.
  • The monster leaves to build a funeral pyre and die.