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by Mary Shelley

Frankenstein: To Victor Go the Spoils True or False

1. Where is Captain Robert Walton’s ship headed when he meets Victor? -> The North Pole
2. Whom did Victor’s parents intend for him to marry? -> His adopted sister
3. What subject greatly interests Victor while he is in school? -> Alchemy
4. What happens to Victor’s younger brother, William? -> He is killed by Victor’s monster
5. What happens to Justine? -> She is killed by Victor’s monster
6. Why does the monster tell Victor that he killed an innocent person? -> Because he’s a monster - what else is he going to do, volunteer at a homeless shelter?
7. What does Victor decide to do after his conversation with the monster? -> Create a female monster for his first monster
8. What is Victor accused of doing? -> Murdering his friend Henry
9. What does the monster do on Victor’s wedding night? -> Kills Victor’s bride-to-be
10. Where does Victor die? -> At his home in Geneva