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The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks

The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks


by E. Lockhart

Frankie Landau-Banks Timeline and Summary

  • Frankie turns fifteen over the summer. Hottie alert.
  • She heads off to the Jersey Shore with her mother and meets a boy at the boardwalk briefly (who eats half her frozen custard). 
  • When she returns to Alabaster, she falls off her bike and starts flirting with Matthew Livingston, her hunky crush.
  • Then she meets his friend Alpha, who turns out to be the boy from the Jersey Shore, but he pretends not to remember her. 
  • Matthew invites Frankie to a golf course party at night and they start going out. 
  • But it's not all hearts and flowers. Frankie's annoyed because Matthew blows her off a lot in order to hang out with his friends.
  • One day, Frankie goes to have lunch with her ex Porter (who cheated on her) and yells at him for warning her to not let Matthew take advantage of her. 
  • When Matthew breaks off their plans to see a movie one night, Frankie follows him and finds out that he's in a secret society called the Loyal Order of the Basset Hounds. 
  • When Alpha goes out of town for a yoga retreat, she impersonates him via email and infiltrates the Order. She has all the members of the Order carry out an elaborate prank involving putting bras on all the statues at school. 
  • She thinks that Alpha will figure it out when he gets back, but instead he just pretends that it was his idea all along.
  • Frankie starts to engineer more and more pranks using her new email address, including the Canned Beet Rebellion in order to get a bigger salad selection at the cafeteria. 
  • She is highly disappointed when Matthew decides not to come home with her for Thanksgiving, opting to spend time with Alpha instead (again). 
  • Looking in his backpack, Frankie also finds printouts of emails between her and Porter. So Matthew has been spying on her in a way too. 
  • When she gets back to school, she plans another prank involving the guppy statue at the school. 
  • Alpha gets caught and is fingered as the criminal behind all the pranks, but Frankie confesses to Matthew that it was her all along and that she did it because she wanted to be a part of his group.
  • Matthew finks on her and Frankie gets in some serious trouble at school. Not to mention the fact that her relationship is totally over. 
  • When she returns home for Christmas, no one refers to Frankie as a Bunny Rabbit anymore.
  • Back at school, Frankie runs into Matthew and tries to talk to him in order to give his t-shirt back but he doesn't want anything to do with her. Frankie comes to terms with that fact.