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Franny and Zooey

Franny and Zooey


by J.D. Salinger


Character Role Analysis

Franny Glass and Lane Coutell

The entire text of "Franny" hashes out the differences between the diametrically opposed Franny Glass and Lane Coutell. Lane is pretentious and affected; Franny is genuine and even humble. Lane is self-conscious and narcissistic; Franny runs from egotism. Lane orders fancy French food and is too concerned with eating to listen to his girlfriend; Franny orders a simple glass of milk and a chicken sandwich and then doesn't touch it while instead she talks about the Jesus Prayer. Lane's self-centeredness serves to highlight how different Franny is from the sophisticated and snobby people with whom she takes issue.

Zooey and Bessie Glass

The Glass children are very different from their Vaudeville parents, and this contrast is most clear in the conversations between Zooey and Bessie. Bessie's speech lacks all the spark and innovation of her "verbal stunt pilot" children (Zooey.8.41). In addition, her tone lacks their cynicism and judgment. Compared to Bessie, Zooey looks all the more brilliant, but also all the more pessimistic and mocking.