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Franz Kafka Websites

Finding Kafka in Prague

What a cool and creative website! Web designer Alice Whittenburg and writer Greg Evans teamed up to create this interactive site that explores modern Prague in search of the real Kafka. It combines photos, text, and sound to make it feel like you really are walking the city in Kafka's footsteps.

Franz Kafka: Das Schloss

This site, run by Jeff Nowak and Allen B. Ruch, is a fascinating compendium of Kafka quotes, criticism, biography, and bibliography. It's a good place to click around if you're curious to know more about Kafka.

The Kafka Project

The Kafka Project is an ambitious web undertaking that aims to make all of Kafka's works (in the original German) available on the Internet. Don't speak German? The site's organizers are also trying to post translations of the works when they are available, including several in English.

My Tribute to Franz Kafka

Kafka fan Brian Herzog has created this page as a tribute to his literary idol. It's a good web resource, with several of Kafka's more obscure works and fragments posted in full. It also serves as a bit of a discussion forum among Kafka fans, with Herzog and other readers weighing in with their interpretations.

The Franz Kafka Society

There are societies dedicated to Franz Kafka all over the world. But the one based in his native Czech Republic (Bohemia, as it was known during Kafka's life) is among the most active. Their website has good information about the author. The society also awards the annual Franz Kafka Prize, a prestigious international award that honors writers whose work reaches across nations and cultures.

Franz Kafka Biography

This page is like an online scrapbook of Kafka odds and ends. It sports reproduced primary documents like his engagement announcement, along with photographs of his family, friends and lovers. It's fun to browse through. We cannot figure out why the main page of kafka-franz.com is for Miami condo sales, though.

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