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Freak the Mighty

Freak the Mighty


by Rodman Philbrick

Freak the Mighty Chapter 2 Summary

Up From the Down Under

  • This summer starts like every other summer Max has ever known: super boring.
  • He lives in the basement of his grandparents' house, which he likes because it gives him some privacy.
  • He can tell his grandparents are really worried about him and think he is at a "dangerous age" (2.2), but mostly Max just hangs out in the basement reading comics.
  • One day, Max is hanging out in the dirt patch he calls a backyard when he sees a moving van down the street. Exciting!
  • He spots a really pretty woman who looks sort of familiar, and then… he sees Freak.
  • Freak is super small for his age: "he's got a normal sized head, but the rest of him is shorter than a yard stick and kind of twisted in a way that means he can't stand up" (2.10).
  • But this doesn't stop Freak from strutting around on his crutches ordering all the moving guys around.
  • Freak is in the middle of shouting orders when he sees Max. He demands that Max identify himself or suffer the consequences.
  • Max thinks Freak (whose real name is Kevin, by the way) is being serious, so he sort of panics and does what any mature 13-year-old would do—he runs away.

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