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Freak the Mighty
Freak the Mighty
by Rodman Philbrick
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Freak the Mighty Chapter 22 Summary

Remembering Is Just an Invention of the Mind

  • It's springtime, and things seem to have wrapped themselves up nicely. The boys are out of school and high on life.
  • Freak is explaining to Max how memory is just an invention; you can actually remember anything, whether it happened or not.
  • Max does what he always does when he doesn't know what Freak is talking about—he keeps his mouth shut.
  • Soon, it is Freak's birthday. But Freak wants a duel celebration because Freak the Mighty is turning one year old.
  • Freak wants a real helicopter for his birthday. Teenagers don't play with toys.
  • Instead, he gets a computer with a modem so he can connect to this newfangled thing called "The Internet." Maybe you've heard of it? (At the time, it was cutting edge.)
  • Freak doesn't really eat much at his birthday party, but Max figures he's just excited about gifts.
  • Max helps do dishes while Freak plays with his new computer. Then he hears Grim shout from the living room.
  • When he rushes into the room, Freak is having a seizure.
  • They call an ambulance, and Max runs outside to wave it down.
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