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Freak the Mighty

Freak the Mighty


by Rodman Philbrick

Freak the Mighty Chapter 8 Summary

Dinosaur Brain

  • Max is worried he's going to get in trouble for running into the pond, but everyone thinks that he saved Freak; so instead, he's treated like a hero.
  • When he gets home and the police explain what happened, Gram gives Max a big bowl of ice cream. And Grim, who Max hasn't exactly gotten along with in the past, says what the boy needs is a cup of coffee.
  • Everything's coming up Max.
  • Max doesn't see what the big deal is, but he asks if he can have some sugar. Grim just beams at him and says, "Of course you can, son" (8.7).
  • Huh?
  • Gram tells Max to stay away from that "hoodlum boy," and Max dutifully replies that he will.
  • Summer turns out to not suck, which is new for Max.
  • Every day, Freak comes over and bangs on the door to the down under. He's always on the lookout for an adventure or a quest.
  • He continues to use words that Max has never heard, so he shows Max how to look them up in the dictionary. Did we mention Freak takes a dictionary with him wherever he goes? He also underlines the words that he's looked up. What can we say? He loves language.

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