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Freak the Mighty
Freak the Mighty
by Rodman Philbrick
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Freak the Mighty Isolation Quotes Page 1

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Quote #1

I like it in the down under, got the place all to myself and no fear of Gram sticking her head in the door and saying Maxwell dear, what are you doing? (2.2)

Who needs people when you can sit alone in a basement all day? The down under is kind of like Max's own personal fortress of solitude. Everyone has one, probably, but Max's seems a little extreme.

Quote #2

"I never saw much of your mom after they got married. He made it […] difficult for your mother to have any friends." (5.41)

Max might enjoy being alone and isolated, but his mom experienced a forced sense of isolation. Her husband wouldn't let her have friends or do any normal human adult things. Note to Shmoopers: forced isolation doesn't make for a healthy relationship.

Quote #3

Mostly I just vegetate in the basement and pick my navel, to quote Grim, Mr. Belly Button Lint himself. Freak changes all that. (8.16-17)

Looks like someone might be starting to venture out of their fortress of solitude. Isn't it neat how Max is totally aware that Freak is to thank for his newfound spirit of adventure? Pretty insightful, we think.

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