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by Jonathan Franzen

Freedom: Quotes (What was Said) True or False

1. "Walter thinks the liberal state can self-correct," said whom? -> Richard
2. Who wrote, "She had all day every day to figure out some decent and satisfying way to live, and yet all she ever seemed to get for all her choices and all her freedom was more miserable."? -> Richard
3. Who said, "Think about how crowded the exurbs are already, think about the traffic and the sprawl and the environmental degradation and the dependence on foreign oil. And then add fifty percent."? -> Jenna
4. "I want to live in a beautiful old house and have two children," XXX told Walter. "I want to be a really, really great mom." Who is XXX? -> Patty
5. Who said, "Oh, love now. Love. Richard Katz talking above love. This must be my signal that it's time to go to bed."? -> Jenna