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Sex Quotes in Freedom

How we cite our quotes: (Book.Chapter.Paragraph)

Quote #4

This seemed to her, in any case, the first time in her life she'd properly had sex. A real eye-opener, as it were. (2.3.409)

Can we argue that the really "eye-opener" for Patty is the realization that she never truly got over Richard, and thus never committed herself completely to Walter? Or is she really just talking about the act of sex?

Quote #5

It was fine, having sex with him [Walter]. There was nothing so wrong with it. (2.3.527)

Have you noticed how most of the quotes about sex are from Patty's perspective? She sure spends lots of time talking about it. Sadly, the above quote is pretty much the nicest thing she has to say about having sex with her husband. As for his best friend, well, you read about that above.

Quote #6

"Well, if you did have [a daughter], you might let yourself recognize the actually-not-terribly-hard-to-recognize fact that very young women can get their desire and their admiration and their love for a person all mixed up, and not understand –"

"Not understand what?"

"That to the guy they're just an object. That the guy might only be wanting to get his, you know, his, you know –" (3.1.345-347)

This is a pretty characteristic exchange between Richard and Walter, and here they're talking about Lalitha. Can we turn it around and apply it to their relationships with Patty as well?

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