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The French & Indian War Images

Young Colonel Washington

George Washington as a colonel in the Virginia Regiment, by Charles Willson Peale, 1772.

Blundering Braddock

General Edward Braddock who led British troops to a disastrous defeat at the Battle of the Wilderness in 1755.

William Pitt

The British statesman, painted by William Hoare in 1754.

Louis Joseph, Marquis de Montcalm

The commander of French forces, after 1756, in the French and Indian War.

The Death of Wolfe

Benjamin West's portrait of the hero of Quebec. Painted in1770, this work broke with the conventions of history painting in its use of a contemporary subject and contemporary costume.

French Imitation

The Death of Montcalm. Not to be outdone by West's artistic celebration of James Wolfe, this 1783 engraving by Juste Chevillet, after a painting by Francois-Louis-Joseph Watteau, commemorated the French general also killed at Quebec.

Early West

Benjamin West's, Agrippina with the Ashes of Germanicus at Brundisium, painted in 1768, reflects the more conventional approach to history painting in its use of classical, rather than contemporary subject matter.

West Paints Another Dead Hero

The Death of Lord Nelson, by Benjamin West, 1806.

Benjamin West

West painted this self portrait in 1770.

British PR

"The Charity of General Amherst," romantically depicts the British general feeding the frightened French Canadians of Montreal. This is the same general who authorized the distribution of smallpox-contaminated blankets to rebelling Indians in 1763. By Francis Hayman, 1761.

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