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The French & Indian War Movies & TV

The War that Made America (2006)

This PBS documentary offers a dramatic and informed treatment of the French and Indian War. Through reenactments and dramatic readings of contemporary accounts, this four-part, four-hour series traces the war from George Washington mission to the Ohio Valley in 1753 to American resentment of postwar British policies. Narrator Graham Greene, an Oneida Indian whose ancestors fought in this imperial conflict, leads viewers on a gripping journey through the tumultuous years leading up to the war and into the fierce military struggle between the English and the French. A companion site which includes biographies of key figures and an interactive time line is available online.

The Last of the Mohicans (1992)

Daniel Day-Lewis stars as Hawkeye, a colonial orphan adopted by the few remaining members of the Mohican Indian tribe. A young man during the French and Indian War, Hawkeye must choose between love and loyalty. Loosely based on an early nineteenth-century novel by James Fenimore Cooper, this action-packed Hollywood blockbuster mirrors, in many ways, the 1936 film adaptation.

The French and Indian War provides the backdrop for the story, but the actual historical content within film (as well as the novel) is thin. The massacre at Fort William Henry in 1757, however, is carefully staged, and the fort itself was designed using contemporary descriptions.

Evangeline (1929)

This tender love story follows the lives of Evangeline and Gabriel, torn apart by the Great Expulsion in Nova Scotia during the French and Indian War. On the eve of her wedding, Evangeline must watch as the British imprison her sweetheart, along with hundreds of other Acadian men, and send them into exile in the American colonies. Determined to find her beloved, Evangeline ventures south. Will her tireless search be in vain?

"500 Nations: Cauldron of War" (1995)

This episode of a six-part series on the deep and complex history of Native Americans explores the relationship between French traders and the Algonquins. Host Kevin Costner helps illustrate how commercial trade helped determine the military dynamics of the French and Indian War.

"Northwest Passage" (1958)

Keith Larsen and Hunk Marriner star in this 1950s television series about the real-life search for the Northwest Passage, an inland waterway that some thought would enable boats to cross the American continent. Each episode tracks the adventures of the Rogers’ Rangers, a team of explorers and military men who found not the mythical route but new land in the northeast.

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