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The French & Indian War

The French & Indian War

The French & Indian War Trivia

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George Washington was only 21 years old when he was selected to travel 500 miles through wilderness to warn the French out of the Ohio Valley in 1753. He was only 22, and he possessed no military training or experience, when he was given a regiment to lead into the Ohio Valley to drive the French out by force the following year.10

At the Battle of the Wilderness (1755), George Washington emerged uninjured, but his coat was pierced by four bullets and two horses were shot from beneath him.11

During Pontiac's Rebellion, British officers at Fort Pitt knowingly gave smallpox-infested blankets to the Delawares. This is the first known use of germ warfare.12

In a Native American version of the Trojan Horse gambit, Ottawa and Ojibwa warriors gained entry to a British fort by playing a game of baug-ah-ud-o-way (similar to lacrosse) outside the walls and asking if they could come inside to retrieve their errant ball. Once inside, they killed or captured the entire British garrison.13

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