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The French & Indian War Websites

Washington's Journal and More

Archiving Early America does not have a page devoted exclusively to the French and Indian War, but it does have a searchable database of articles and documents relevant to the war. Among the documents is a transcript of George Washington's journal kept during his 1753 mission to the Forks of the Ohio.

The War in Pennsylvania

ExplorePAhistory.com has a well-constructed site devoted to the French and Indian War in Pennsylvania. It includes useful summaries of events, period maps, a detailed timeline and primary sources.

Period Maps

Maps relevant to the French and Indian War, including maps of the Forks of the Ohio River and the Battle of Quebec are posted on this site.

More Maps

More period maps of the French and Indian War are made available by the Massachusetts Historical Society.

The Seven Years' War for Reenactors

This "Seven Years' War Website" is aimed at reenactors, collectors, and military enthusiasts. It provides video and period music clips, and series of articles written by amateur historians. Among the more useful articles are short biographies of critical figures and a few battle accounts.

Biographies and Timeline

A companion site to the PBS documentary, The War that Made America, provides biographies of critical figures and an interactive timeline.

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