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Sigmund Freud
Sigmund Freud
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Sigmund Freud’s Social Media

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The High Holy Days are coming up. I always start feeling a little shamefaced that I don't attend Temple or even take part in the rituals or festivities. Am I a bad Jew?

Anna Freud

Don't be ridiculous, Dad. Take your own path.

Jacob Freud

Don't be too hard on yourself, son. I am sure you've thought through why you don't like Temple. Maybe it's because I loved Torah study so much. Is this a "repudiate the father" thing? Aw, how touching.

Rabbi Isaac Noah Mannheimer

I, for one, am not so forgiving. Would it kill you to rock a little God-lovin' in your life?

It's not that I am not fascinated by God—I'm just not interested in God in the way you want me to be, Rabbi. Sorry.

Rabbi Isaac Noah Mannheimer

Well, God is not a literary subject or one of your patients. He is the All Powerful Being. Hop on Amazon and order up a German translation of my prayer book. That'll set you to rights.

I am a secular Jew—ain't no changing that. I'm plenty fascinated by Moses and I'll talk about God until I'm blue in the face (which is a long time) but I'm atheist: God does not exist.

Rabbi Isaac Noah Mannheimer

I'm starting to get a little frothy over your claims.

Jacob Freud

Son, maybe if you explained your reasoning, our esteemed Rabbi wouldn't get a bee in his yarmulke.

Okay, fine: people just want God to exist so be can shield them from the pain—kind of like how a child wants mommy to be there at the playground with a band-aid at the ready. Religion just doesn't serve a purpose anymore. It's out of fashion. Let's put on our big boy pants and move on.

Carl Jung

You completely fail to spot the occult elements in human consciousness, Sigmund. Get your mystic on.

I'm all for paranormal, but I try to limit my indulgence in it to Halloween and All Saints' Day.

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