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As the wife of Odin, Frigg is the highest-ranking female in Asgard, and she’s got the lifestyle to prove it: eleven maidservants who cater to her every demand, an open invitation to sit in Odin’s magic throne, Hildskjalf, and her very own hall, Fensalir.

Frigg is the goddess of marriage, motherhood, fertility, love, and of what the Norse considered “women’s work,” like household management, spinning, and weaving.

People sometimes mix up Frigg and Freya because they’re associated with a lot of the same things, like love and fertility, and both possess magical abilities. But in the Norse tradition, they’re totally different goddesses. If you're looking for some way to remember Frigg, think about this tender moment: she attempts to protect her favorite son, Balder, by forcing every living thing in the world to take an oath never to hurt him. Now that's love.

Basic Information

NicknameQueenie, Beloved Lady (Old Saxon Fri), and, not to brag, but some people call me “foremost among the goddesses” (love you, Snorri!)
SexFemale (and proud of it)
Current cityAsgard

Work & Education

OccupationQueen of the Gods
Goddess of Marriage, Fertility and Love
Goddess of Motherhood
Goddess of the Feminine Arts (household management, i.e. bossing around servants and planning awesome parties; weaving; spinning)
Mother and wife (sweet, I know)
EducationAsgard Academy of Prophecy


Political viewsEveryone should obey Odin. And me. Oh, and look out for Balder.

Family & Friends (& Enemies)

ParentsFjörgynn and an unknown mother
ChildrenMy beautiful boy, Balder.
I’m also a stepmother to many, many children: Thor, Hod, Hermod, Heimdall, Tyr, Vidar, Vali, and Skjoldr.
FriendsThe goddess Eir, and my eleven maidservants, but especially Hlín, Gná, and Fulla.
EnemiesLoki, who killed my beautiful boy.
Þökk, the giantess who refused to weep for Balder. Although, she might have been Loki in disguise.


Relationship statusMarried to Odin
Lover to Vili and Vé
It’s complicated with Mith-othin
Interested inMen


Quotations“It’s not beauty but fine qualities, my girl, that keep a husband.”
– Euripides

“We sleep, but the loom of life never stops, and the pattern which was weaving when the sun went down is weaving when it comes up in the morning.”
– Henry Ward Beecher

“Sometimes the strength of motherhood is greater than natural laws.”
– Barbara Kingsolver

“Grief can’t be shared. Everyone carries it alone, his own burden in his own way.”
– Anne Morrow Lindbergh
BooksAn Ideal Husband by Oscar Wilde
Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert
The Winter’s Tale by William Shakespeare
Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy
A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen
Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf
The Help by Kathryn Stockett
The Life of Elizabeth I by Alison Weir
Better Homes and Gardens magazine
Martha Stewart Living
MusicMother’s Little Helper by the Rolling Stones
Tears in Heaven by Eric Clapton
Sleeping Sun by Nightwish
Paparazzi by Lady Gaga
Respect by Aretha Franklin
I’m Coming Out by Diana Ross
Anything by Jennifer Lopez
Umbrella by Rihanna
MoviesThe Young Victoria
The Queen
Revolutionary Road
Gosford Park
All About Eve
The Lion in Winter
TV ShowsA Game of Thrones
Trading Spaces
Come Dine with Me

Activities & Interests

LikesDinner Parties
Spinning Wheels, Sewing Needles, Thread, Looms
ActivitiesKnowing (but keeping secret) the fate of everyone in the world
Mourning for my son, Balder
Helping mortal women in childbirth
Ruling Asgard alongside my husband
InterestsSpinning and Weaving
Party planning
Household management
GroupsGoddesses of Asgard
Supreme Queens of the World
Loss and Grief Support Group

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