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Functions Resources

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PurpleMath: Functions Versus Relations

It isn't quite Alien vs. Predator. They're not pitting functions and relations against each other in a vicious cage match. Instead, this is a good place to go if you need some help understanding the distinctions between functions, relations, and sets. Are you ready to rumble?

Hotmath: Graphing Functions and Relations

To work out your newly developed graphing muscles, take a shot at these practice problems and see how you do. You can hit "View Lesson" for some pointers. Don't hit it too hard, though. It would be nice if your keyboard lasted you a couple of years.

Algebra-class.com: Using a Table of Values to Graph Linear Equations

Tables come in handy, and not just for holding up your dinner. Take a gander at this refresher on using a table of values. By the time you're done, you won't look anywhere near as confused as the poor girl pictured on the site's header.


5min.com: Understanding Graphing Functions

For an in-depth, easy-to-follow explanation of how to graph functions, and what all those numbers, points, and lines really mean, check out this helpful vid. Make sure you free up some time first; it's over half an hour long. Halfway through there's a ten-minute intermission, during which you can go to the bathroom or grab a bucket of popcorn from the concession stand.

Slope-Intercept Rap

Lamar Queen, an 8th grade math teacher, likes to teach his students through the use of rap music—songs he has written specifically to communicate a variety of algebra concepts. We never knew slope could be so dope.

YourTeacher.com: Point Slope Form

Once you've got slope-intercept form down pat, it's time to tackle point-slope form. Here is a helpful example showing you how to convert a linear equation to standard form. If you can figure out a way to also convert it to raw energy, the federal government may have a job for you.

Games and Tools

Quia: Domain and Range

Test your knowledge in this Jeopardy-style game where you can try your luck with Ordered Pair problems, Mapping problems, and Solving problems. Score enough points and you could beat…no one. Because you're playing alone. You can still do a victory lap, though.

Math is Fun: Function Grapher and Calculator

Plug in any function, hit "Plot," and you'll see the corresponding graph of that function appear before your very eyes. Hopefully not right in front of your very eyes, because that means you're sitting too close to the computer monitor.

CRCTLessons: Slope-Intercept Game

Practice your slope-intercept skills as well as your hoop skillz at the same time. You only get to take a shot at the basket when you answer correctly though, so no warm-up shots until you start nailing these problems. Bonus points if you hit one from outside the arc.

Purpose Games: Quadratic Functions

See if you can match up each graphed parabola with the quadratic function given. Get them all right and do so quickly, and you may make the high scorer's list. If you don't make the list, don't sweat it. Those guys at the top are probably cheating anyway. Like anybody's fingers are that fast.

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