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A Game of Thrones

A Game of Thrones


by George R. R. Martin

A Game of Thrones Chapter 58 Summary

How It All Goes Down

Sansa 5

  • Back at King's Landing, Joffrey has his first court appearance as king, which might stand as the textbook definition of paranoid.
  • Joffrey demands a whole lot of people come to swear fealty to him. (Actually, that's probably not that crazy: it's just what they did back then.) He makes Janos Slynt a lord (payment for turning on Eddard Stark).
  • Joffrey also relieves Barristan Selmy of his role in the Kingsguard. This makes Barristan very angry and he says something about how Stannis may soon be the king. Hmm.
  • Instead, Sandor Clegane is made one of the Kingsguard, though Sandor isn't a knight. (Check out Sandor's "Character Analysis" for some discussion as to why.)
  • Sansa asks for mercy for her father; and Joffrey and Cersei say that they will show Eddard mercy if he confesses to his crime.

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