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A Game of Thrones

A Game of Thrones


by George R. R. Martin

Family Quotes in A Game of Thrones

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Quote #7

"We're not friends," Jon said. He put a hand on Sam's broad shoulder. "We're brothers."
And so they were, he thought to himself after Sam had taken his leave. Robb and Bran and Rickon were his father's sons, and he loved them still, yet Jon knew that he had never truly been one of them. Catelyn Stark had seen to that. The grey walls of Winterfell might still haunt his dreams, but Castle Black was his life now, and his brothers were Sam and Grenn and Halder and Pyp and the other cast-outs who wore the black of the Night's Watch. (27 Jon 4.107-8)

Jon goes back and forth on this issue, but we get where he's coming: it's tough to figure out where you belong. So even as Jon is declaring his allegiance to the Night's Watch (he's brothers with Samwell and the other outcasts), he mentions that he still loves his other brothers. Is it possible to belong to more than one family?

Quote #8

"Whatever you may believe of me, Lady Stark, I promise you this – I never bet against my family." (32 Tyrion 4.112)

We can sort of picture Jon Snow saying the same thing as Tyrion here: even though I'm kind of an outcast, I'm still loyal to my family. And it's true: we can't imagine Tyrion betting against Jaime any more than we can imagine Robb Stark and Jon Snow fighting. By the way, this is about as happy as this book gets. Buckle your seatbelts, softies.

Quote #9

In this place, the crones of the dosh khaleen had decreed, all Dothraki were one blood, one khalasar, one herd. (37 Daenerys 4.39)

We've focused mostly on families in the Seven Kingdoms, but there's a lot to say about Daenerys and her family. Her experience in the Dothraki family shows us how family can be added to: by marriage, by birth, or by adopting the culture of the new family. More specifically, we see the contrast between Vaes Dothrak – where all the Dothraki are in one family – to the rest of the Dothraki, who kill each other pretty casually. (Check out Daenerys' wedding for a taste of that.)

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