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A Game of Thrones

A Game of Thrones


by George R. R. Martin

A Game of Thrones Quotes

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Power Quotes

The broken sword fell from nerveless fingers. Will closed his eyes to pray. Long, elegant hands brushed his cheek, then tightened around his throat. (1 Prologue.109)

Betrayal Quotes

Will had to call out. It was his duty. And his death, if he did. He shivered, and hugged the tree, and kept the silence. (1 Prologue.91)

Family Quotes

Ser Waymar Royce was the youngest son of an ancient house with too many heirs. […] Ser Waymar had been a Sworn Brother of the Night's Watch for less than half a year, but no one could say he had...

Society and Class Quotes

Ser Waymar Royce was the youngest son of an ancient house with too many heirs. (1 Prologue.14)

Principles Quotes

The order had been given, and honor bound them to obey. (1 Prologue.43)

Coming of Age Quotes

1. Yet in that moment, Will thought, he was a boy no longer, but a man of the Night's Watch. (1 Prologue.89)

Justice and Judgment Quotes

Will had been a hunter before he joined the Night's Watch. Well, a poacher in truth. Mallister freeriders had caught him red-handed in the Mallisters' own woods, skinning one of the Mallisters' own...

Memory and the Past Quotes

He had been four years on the Wall. The first time he had been sent beyond, all the old stories had come rushing back, and his bowels had turned to water. (1 Prologue.11)

Strength and Skill Quotes

For a moment he was afraid the older man would go for his sword. It was a short, ugly thing, its grip discolored by sweat, its edge nicked from hard use, but Will would not have given an iron bob f...

Gender Quotes

His cloak was his crowning glory; sable, thick and black and soft as sin. "Bet he killed them all himself, he did," Gared told the barracks over wine, "twisted their little heads off, our mighty wa...

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