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A Game of Thrones

A Game of Thrones


by George R. R. Martin

Society and Class Quotes in A Game of Thrones

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Quote #7

Dany gave a wordless cry of terror. She knew what a drawn sword meant here, even if her brother did not. (47 Daenerys 5.70)

In Vaes Dothrak, you're not supposed to spill any blood. That means no swords. But Viserys – stupid, stupid Viserys – never bothered to find out what customs were like in this society. This is a great example both of culture clash and just plain ignorance.

Quote #8

"To be a knight, you must stand your vigil in a sept, and be anointed with the seven oils to consecrate your vows. In the north, only a few of the great houses worship the Seven. The rest honor the old gods, and name no knights... but those lords and their sons and sworn swords are no less fierce or loyal or honorable. A man's worth is not marked by a ser before his name." (54 Bran 6.12)

Even geography is important in determining societal values. The north is quite different from the south in terms of both customs and religion. Then again, they both have some rockin' soldiers.

Quote #9

That was the trouble with the clans; they had an absurd notion that every man's voice should be heard in council, so they argued about everything, endlessly. (57 Tyrion 7.9)

Tyrion finds the Mountain Clans strange: they practice democracy, for crying out loud. Who does that, anyway?

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