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The Garden of Forking Paths
The Garden of Forking Paths
by Jorge Luis Borges
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The Garden of Forking Paths Betrayal Quotes Page 2

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Quote #4

I carried out my plan because I felt The Chief had some fear of those of my race, of those uncountable forebears whose culmination lies in me. I wished to prove to him that a yellow man could save his armies. (9)

Yu Tsun's loyalty to his own race leads him to align himself with a group that he despises. Is it worth all the sacrifices he has to make?

Quote #5

I foresee that man will resign himself each day to new abominations, that soon only soldiers and bandits will be left. (14)

What is an "abomination" if not a betrayal of a sense of human decency? In Yu Tsun's dark dystopia, soldiers and bandits – the people willing to commit these abominations – will be the only ones to survive.

Quote #6

I thought that a man might be an enemy of other men, of the differing moments of other men, but never an enemy of a country: not of fireflies, words, gardens, streams, or the West wind. (22)

To Yu Tsun, the natural world is beyond the human world of petty enmities. Gardens have no nationalities and fireflies know no borders.

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