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Geb and Nut Photo: Ani's Final Judgment Party

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Ani's Final Judgment Party

Nut and I took a break from our usual work to go see our friend the priest Ani, when his heart was weighed in front of Osiris. We're sitting down with the gods at the top of this picture. Nut's fifth from left, wearing a round black pot (the hieroglyph of her name) on her head. I'm in white (sixth from left, just to Nut's right), but I forgot my hat. Who knew they were going to make a painting? [Image of the divine judgment/weighing the heart scene. Papyrus of Ani, Late New Kingdom (ca. 1300BCE). Now in the British Museum.] (tagged: Geb and Nut (pronounced "noot" to rhyme with "boot"), Osiris, Wesir, Ausar, Lord of the Duat, King of the Afterlife, Anubis)

Public domain.