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Not everyone graduates from high school. We get it; stuff happens. Who knows? Maybe you were a few credits away from graduation at Tatooine High when some friendly droids suddenly called you into service for the Rebel Alliance. However, a high school diploma can mean getting admitted to college, getting a job, or getting a promotion. Passing the GED is your ticket to getting back on track, and Shmoop is here to prepare you for the exam.

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What's Inside our Online GED Online Test Prep:

Full-Length Practice Exams

The newest version of the GED test did us all a solid by removing one of the required test sections...which, unfortunately, still leaves us with four of them. We're not the type to look a gift test in the mouth, though, so get ready for Reasoning Through Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Mathematical Reasoning with two full-length practice exams.

Drills and Diagnostic Exam

Worried about the difference between linear equations and linear equalities? Can't tell the difference between microeconomics and macroeconomics? Find your flabbiest topics with our diagnostic exam and whip them into shape with our bank of drills.

Technology Enhanced Items

The GED test, like so many of our parents and grandparents, is finally acknowledging that all that newfangled technology in the world is here to stay. As a result, the newest version of the exam will be administered on the computer—and the questions will take full advantage of all those bells and whistles. (At least it's not taking selfies.) Our questions feature drag and drop buckets, hot spot questions, drop-down menus, and more! The future is officially here.

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