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Gene to Protein

Gene to Protein

Gene to Protein: Genetic Bliss True or False

1. Which of the following pieces of genetic information is included in the final protein product? -> Promoter
2. Which of the following types of mature RNAs contain a poly-A tail? -> mRNA
3. Transcription in eukaryotes occurs in which of the following? -> Endosomes
4. Imagine a scenario where a female human is born to a mother with light skin and a father with dark skin. Assume that skin color is determined by one gene. The child's skin is one consistent color. What is the best reason for why a female human does not have splotches of dark skin and splotches of light skin? -> The gene for skin color is not located on the X chromosome.
5. The pigment gene from the dad was lost in development. -> Ribosome
6. A repressor of transcription usually interferes with which step of transcription? -> Elongation
7. Given what you know about the lac operator, under which of the following biological conditions will the lac genes be expressed? -> Low glucose, lactose available
8. Which of the following anti-codons could bind the codon GCG if a wobble were allowed? -> CGU
9. Which of the following is an example of regulation in cis? -> An upstream activator sequence that increases the affinity of the polymerase to the promoter
10. Which of the following tRNAs signals the beginning of translation? -> tRNAHis