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1. Activators called enhancers can be found in which of the following?→Eukaryotic cells
2. Which of the following is NOT an application of genetic engineering/biotechnology?→The addition of a poly-A tail to a RNA
3. A mature mRNA will likely be→shorter than the DNA sequence that served as its template
4. A transcription factor knows where to bind to DNA by→reading the bases by reading the outer edge of the helix
5. An operon is→a group of genes with a common function located in a similar location of the genome and commonly co-regulated
6. Which of the following anticodons will bind to the codon GCG?→CGC
7. Which of the following is unlikely to be found in a prokaryotic gene?→Promoter
8. The production of a protein can be regulated at which step?→Initiation of translation
9. The bonds polymerized during translation are BEST described as→Peptide bonds
10. All of the following codons code for leucine. Which of the following most likely uses a different tRNA?→CUG
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