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Gene to Protein

Gene to Protein

Gene to Protein: TATA Your Box Right Outta Here True or False

1. The production of a protein from an mRNA message is called______________. -> translation
2. Which of the following nucleotide bases is unique to RNA? -> Thymine
3. A gene is composed of -> all of the above
4. Production of an mRNA in eukaryotes is complicated by -> all of the above
5. Transcription and processing of rRNA in eukaryotes occurs in -> the cytoplasm
6. A scenario where a protein must bind to the promoter of a gene to stimulate its transcription is a form of which type of regulation? -> Positive regulation
7. Which of the following statements is incorrect? -> A transcriptional repressor can bind to the promoter.
8. Which of the following is not a regulator of transcription? -> Ribosomes
9. Which of the following is the best evidence to support the idea that it is the sequence of the tRNA anticodon that is responsible for bringing the correct amino acid to the site of translation? -> A mutation outside of the anticodon makes the tRNA recognize a different codon.
10. The best analogy for translation is -> editing a document