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Book of Genesis

Book of Genesis

Book of Genesis Chapter 12:10-17 Summary

Abram Tells a Fib

  • Famine strikes, and Abram has to go down to Egypt to survive.
  • Check out the tension with the deity's promise in 12:7. Did God give Abram a bum land? It's like being sold a car that's a lemon. This is the first hint that God's promises do not always come about in a way that is easy or straightforward.
  • As they arrive near Egypt, Abram tells Sarai that she's such a catch that the Egyptians will try to kill him and let her live. 
  • The best strategy is to tell them Sarai's his sister.
  • And guess what? Abram is right. The Egyptians think Sarai is a total babe. Even the higher-ups are telling the Pharaoh (a.k.a. the absolute ruler of Egypt) about this new supermodel in town.
  • Pharaoh lets her hang in his court, and Pharaoh treats Abram very well. He even gives him a bunch of cool stuff: sheep, cattle, donkeys, slaves, and camels. 
  • Abram's loving it, but the deity has other ideas.
  • The Lord unleashes devastating plagues upon Pharaoh and his whole household. 
  • A bell is ringing. It's telling you that this sounds an awful lot like the first twelve chapters of the biblical book of Exodus. Right?
  • Pharaoh somehow realizes that the plagues are caused by the fact that he's harboring Abram's wife in his court. But the narrator is mum about how he figured it out.
  • Pharaoh tells Abram to take his wife and get out of his face.
  • But Abram gets to keep all his stuff. So he keeps his life and wife and gets a brand new Mustang, all while there's a famine in his own land. 
  • Abram's a crafty guy.

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