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Covenants Theme

Book of Genesis Theme of Covenants Quotes

You've heard about making a deal with the devil. Well, how about making a deal with God? Plenty of figures in Genesis know all about that—Noah, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob all enter into a covenant with God. They have to do certain things, like circumcise the masses or walk according to God's ways, and in return God gives them all kinds of SWAG: land, offspring, and divine protection. Don't get too excited. It's easier said than done.

Questions About Covenants

  1. What's similar and what's different about the various contracts that God makes with each individual in Genesis? Are there any covenants that seem unique?
  2. Which characters try to haggle with God? Are they successful? 
  3. Does God ever fail to hold up the divine end of the deal? 
  4. How can we compare the various contracts that humans make with each other in Genesis to God's contracts with humans?

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