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The Two Gentlemen of Verona

The Two Gentlemen of Verona


by William Shakespeare

The Two Gentlemen of Verona Act 1, Scene 2 Summary

  • Meanwhile, Julia is lounging around her garden having a little girl talk with her woman in waiting, Lucetta.
  • Julia is in desperate need of some advice about the following: Should she fall in love? If so, which one of her dozens of suitors should she hook up with?
  • Julia ticks off a few names of guys who are drooling over her before she gets around to asking Lucetta what she thinks of Proteus.
  • Lucetta's first response is something like "That clown?", but then she catches herself and says what Julia wants to hear – that Proteus is the best of the lot. Plus, he seems to love Julia the most.
  • Julia wonders why Proteus hasn't proposed to her yet and declares that you can measure a guy's love by the amount of time he spends telling you he loves you. According to Julia, Proteus hasn't spent nearly enough time doing this.
  • Then Lucetta is all, "Oh yeah, this letter from Proteus came for you earlier" and gives Julia the love letter. (Yeah, yeah. We thought Speed gave the letter directly to Julia too. Speed may have lied to Proteus. Or this just may be a slip up on Shakespeare's part – either way, Julia now has the letter.)
  • Julia orders Lucetta to return the letter to Proteus, but then she immediately regrets it. She gets mad at Lucetta – apparently, Lucetta should have known that Julia would be too modest to read a letter from a boy.
  • Then Julia, who is beginning to sound pretty silly, comes to her senses and admits that she's the one with the problem. She pretended to be mad that Proteus sent her a letter when deep down inside she was jumping for joy.
  • Julia calls back Lucetta, who returns and then plays "keep away" with the letter and teases Julia about Proteus.
  • Julia, who is now back in tantrum mode, grabs the letter and tears it to shreds to demonstrate that she doesn't really care about love.
  • Julia's roller coaster ride of emotions isn't over – she immediately bends down and gathers the bits and pieces of the letter.
  • She reads each snippet of paper aloud and tries to piece the fragments together. (It ends up sounding like the kind of poetry you make by randomly putting together word magnets on the refrigerator.)
  • Then Julia's dad calls her to the dinner table and she runs off for a slice of pizza.

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