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Julia Timeline and Summary

  • 1.2: Julia hangs out with Lucetta and contemplates whether or not she should fall in love and, if so, which one of her many boyfriends she should choose. Julia decides on Proteus. When Lucetta tries to give Julia a letter from Proteus, she refuses to read it and sends it back. Then she changes her mind and asks for the letter. When Lucetta teases her, Julia tears it to shreds and then tries to piece it back together.
  • 2.2: Julia is told that Proteus must leave town and the two say a tearful goodbye.
  • 2.7: Julia resolves to track down Proteus in Milan. She asks Lucetta to rustle up some pants because she's going to disguise herself as a boy (to avoid being raped while travelling alone).
  • 4.2: Julia has arrived in Milan disguised as "Sebastian." As she's being led to the Duke's house, she sees Proteus hit on Silvia and she is devastated.
  • 4.4: Julia (still disguised as "Sebastian"), takes a job as Proteus's pageboy and agrees to deliver a ring to Silvia on Proteus's behalf. Julia/Sebastian meets Silvia and makes up a story about how Sebastian was in a play and borrowed Julia's clothes because it was a woman's part.
  • 5.4: Julia/Sebastian has accompanied Proteus and the Duke to the forest in search of Silvia. Julia witnesses Proteus's attempted rape of Silvia, Valentine's intervention, and Proteus and Valentine's big make-up scene. When Valentine offers to let Proteus have Silvia, Julia/Sebastian faints. When she comes to, she reveals her true identity and yells at Proteus. After Proteus declares he has fallen back in love with Julia, Julia joins hands with Proteus and gets engaged.