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The Two Gentlemen of Verona

The Two Gentlemen of Verona


by William Shakespeare

The Two Gentlemen of Verona Society and Class Quotes

How we cite our quotes: Citations follow this format: (Act.Scene.Line). Line numbers correspond to the Norton edition.

Quote #1

What would your Ladyship?
Is 't near dinner time?
I would it were,
That you might kill your stomach on your meat
And not upon your maid. (1.2.70-74)

Here, Lucetta suggests that she wishes Julia would expend some of her energy by eating dinner. That way, Julia would be less likely to take out her rage and anger on her woman in waiting. As Julia's servant, there's little Lucetta can do when Julia throws a tantrum. It seems like Lucetta's only option is to tease and mock Julia when she behaves badly.

Quote #2

He wonder'd that your lordship
Would suffer him to spend his youth at home
While other men, of slender reputation,
Put forth their sons to seek preferment out:
Some to the wars to try their fortune there,
Some to discover islands far away,
Some to the studious universities.
For any or for all these exercises
He said that Proteus your son was meet,
And did request me to importune you
To let him spend his time no more at home,
Which would be great impeachment to his age
In having known no travel in his youth. (1.3.5-17)

It doesn't take much for Panthino to convince Antonio that Proteus should travel to Milan. That's because Proteus's father is concerned about what other noblemen think of him. He's also concerned about making sure that his son does everything that a young nobleman is supposed to do – like travel abroad to see the world.

Quote #3

Ha? let me see. Ay, give it me, it's mine.
Sweet ornament that decks a thing divine!
Ah, Silvia, Silvia!
SPEED, calling
Madam Silvia! Madam Silvia!
How now, sirrah?
She is not within hearing, sir.
Why, sir, who bade you call her?
Your worship, sir, or else I mistook.
Well, you'll still be too forward. (2.1.4-12)

In the play, much of the clever back-and-forth dialogue is characterized by Speed out-witting his master. Here, Speed insults Valentine's love interest and gets away with it.

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