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Valentine Timeline and Summary

  • 1.1: After an emotional goodbye to Proteus, Valentine heads off to see the world…of Italy that is.
  • 2.1 So much has happened since we last saw our boy. Valentine has landed at the Duke's court in Milan, where he has fallen in love with Silvia. At Silvia's request, Valentine has written a love letter to an unnamed "friend" of Silvia's. (That's Silvia's coy way of asking Valentine to write her a steamy love note.) Here, Valentine hands over the uninspired love letter (he has no idea it's supposed to be for Silvia) and gets in trouble with his girl. After Silvia storms off, Speed explains why she's mad.
  • 2.4 Valentine flirts with Silvia in front of the guy (Thurio) to whom Silvia is supposed to be getting engaged. When the Duke arrives with news that Proteus is coming to town, Valentine makes a big speech about how awesome Proteus is. Proteus enters. He and Valentine brag about their girlfriends. Valentine confesses that he's secretly engaged to Silvia – they're planning to elope.
  • 3.1 While he's on his way to sneak into Silvia's bedroom window, Valentine is confronted by Silvia's dad, the Duke, who banishes him. Valentine makes a big speech about how being away from Silvia is a fate worse than death. Valentine speaks with Proteus and then hightails it out of Milan.
  • 4.1 In a forest between Milan and Mantua, Valentine is accosted by a band of outlaws, who decide Valentine is cool enough to be their new leader. He agrees to live with his new friends in the forest.
  • 5.4 Valentine misses Silvia, but he tells us that he doesn't miss the chaos of court. Valentine is in the middle of a big speech when he sees Proteus trying to rape Silvia in the woods. He stops the attempted rape and yells at Proteus for being a disloyal friend. (No word from him about rape being wrong.) When Proteus says he's sorry, Valentine offers to "give" Silvia to Proteus. When the Duke arrives, Valentine is given permission to wed Silvia. (Still no communication with Silvia, who is standing right beside him.) Valentine says there should be a double wedding – Proteus and Julia can get hitched at the same time Valentine marries Silvia.